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(1) WSS1 - Workbook Series
Be A Doer Of The Word Workbook-   PDF   MS-Word

1  The Foundation For Success MP3
2  "Workbook" Instructions MP3
3  Doing Matthew Chapter 6 MP3 CD-size
4  The Word Becomes Flesh MP3 CD-size
5  Being Led As A Child MP3 CD-size
6  Deliver Us From Evil MP3 CD-size
7  Be "Kingdom" Minded MP3
8  The Power Of Confession MP3
9  Do Exploits By Knowing Your God MP3
10  The Covenants Of Promise MP3 CD-size
11  Stubborn Prayer MP3
12  Faith Of Our Father Abraham MP3
13  Dividing Soul From Spirit MP3 CD-size
14  Training For Victory MP3 CD-size
15  Why Christians Do Not Prosper MP3 CD-size
16  Disqualifying For Inheritance MP3
17  What Is Faith, Really? MP3
18  Have God's Own Faith MP3
19  Understanding The Will Of The Lord MP3
20  Obtaining The Love Of God MP3
21  Jesus Will Heal You NOW! MP3
22  Walking With God MP3
23  Worship In Spirit & Truth MP3 CD-size
24  Why God Is Not Moved By Needs MP3 CD-size

(2) BBC1 - Believer's Boot Camp
Believers Boot Camp Manual-   PDF   MS-Word

1  Preparing For Battle MP3
2  Faith vs. Feelings MP3
3  Bridle Your Tongue MP3 CD-size
4  His Grace-Our Faithfulness MP3 CD-size
5  Know His Voice! MP3 CD-size
6  The Devil Or The Flesh? MP3 CD-size
7  Don't Help God! MP3 CD-size
8  Power In The Blood MP3 CD-size
9  Obtaining Promises MP3 CD-size
10  Forgiveness Is Your "Big Gun" MP3 CD-size
11  Endure Hardness As A Soldier MP3 CD-size
12  Overcoming Fear MP3
13  Tell What You Have Seen & Heard MP3 CD-size
14  Power To Witness MP3 CD-size
15  Faith Has A Voice MP3
16  Overcoming Emotions MP3 CD-size
17  The Son Revealed In You MP3
18  The Light Of Life MP3

(3) FBR1 - Faith That Brings Results
The Parable of a Mustard Seed   PDF   MS-Word

1  Mustard Seed Faith MP3 CD-size
2  Growth Process Of Faith MP3
3  Three Measures of Meal MP3 CD-size
4  Contending For The Faith MP3
5  A Man Under Authority MP3
6  Parable Of The Piranha MP3
(4) AOG1 - The Armour Of God

1  God Cannot Lie MP3 CD-size
2  Breastplate of Righteousness MP3 CD-size
3  Feet Shod With The Gospel Of Peace MP3
4  The Shield Of Faith I MP3 CD-size
5  The Shield Of Faith II MP3
6  The Helmet Of Salvation MP3 CD-size
7  The Sword Of The Spirit MP3 CD-size
8  How To Put On God's Armour MP3 CD-size

(5) TBM1 - The Believer's Ministry

1  The Believer's Ministry MP3
2  The Vision MP3 CD-size
3  The Trap MP3
4  Exaltation In The Kingdom MP3 CD-size
5  Taking The Lowest Room MP3 CD-size
6  Confession & The Holy Spirit MP3
7  How To Meditate God's Word MP3
8  Dying To Self MP3

(6) ETH1 - Ears To Hear & A Servant's Heart

1  Hearing God's Voice MP3 CD-size
2  Locating The Ear Of Your Spirit MP3 CD-size
3  The Listening Post MP3 CD-size
4  The Plan Of God And Prosperity MP3
5  Prospering By Inheritance MP3
6  Sharecroper vs. Sonship MP3
7  From Formula To Relationship I MP3 CD-size
8  From Formula To Relationship II MP3
9  Qualifying Process For Stewardship MP3
10  Stewarding The Pound MP3 CD-size

(7) GOH1 - The God Of Hope

1  The God Of Hope I MP3 CD-size
2  The God Of Hope II MP3
3  Christ Our Hope MP3
4  Locating The Ear Of Your Spirit MP3
5  Developing Godly Hope In You MP3
6  Hope And The Answered Prayer MP3 CD-size
7  Review On Godly Hope MP3
8  Hope And The New Birth MP3 CD-size

(8) MSF1 - Mustard Seed Faith

The Parable of a Mustard Seed   PDF   MS-Word

1  Leadership and Power MP3 CD-size
2  Little Faith Won't Move Mountains MP3 CD-size
3  Mustard Seed Faith MP3
4  Nurturing The Seed MP3 CD-size
5  Producing Mustard Seed Faith MP3 CD-size
6  Three Measures of Meal MP3 CD-size
7  Third Measure of Meal Requires Fasting MP3

(9) KGW1 - Knowing God's Ways

1  The Time Bandit MP3
2  Kingdom Jurisdiction MP3
3  Receiving Answered Prayer MP3
4  Free From Worry & Fear MP3
5  Receiving From Heaven's Resources MP3
6  Intercession By Faith MP3
7  What Do You Want From God? MP3
8  What Is Truth To You? MP3