F980806-I am your Friend & Counselor
by Gary Carpenter

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Hear the word of the Lord to you, my son. I have longed for this day to communicate with you. I have not left you in the dark but I have come as a bright light to guide your path. Know and understand that the Lord your God loves you ... has longed to lead you by the hand. To take you as his child and to lead you into vast, enormous places where you know not. To guide you safely through all sorts of dark and forbidding ways, but with the path in front of you always being so lit that there is no need to fear, there is no lack of safety.

I am your Friend. I am your Counselor. I will not lead you in paths away from the Lord. For this purpose I have been sent ... to guide you. Not only into the truth of the knowledge of His Word, but into the truth of the knowledge of His will for your life.

You will come to trust Me completely. You will come to rely on My voice in the face of all contradictory circumstances. You will come to rely on My leadership even when the entire world gives opposing counsel.

Welcome! Welcome! I embrace you, says the Spirit. With arms outstretched I embrace you with the embrace of love from your Father and from the Son.

New realms are now opening to your mind. I will blossom your understanding beyond this veil of the natural into that realm of the Spirit where light prevails.

Welcome to the realm of the Spirit, says the Lord. Welcome to My rooms of fellowship and to My rooms of counsel. These shall be great days. You shall do exploits. Those things that you have seen in your heart from your youth, they are now, quickly, shortly upon you says the Lord. Gird yourself up! Gird yourself up! The press shall be great. The throngs shall be enormous. But My peace and My counsel is yours, says the Spirit of Grace.

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