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(1) HKF1- Houston Kingdom Finance Series
For 2006 Conference see series (10) KFC1 on the right -->

1  My Testimony MP3
2  Driving Out The Money Changers MP3
3  From Formula To Relationship MP3
4  Jesus Is Lord Over Finances MP3
5  *The Destruction Of Tyre MP3
6  *Wisdom's Seven Pillars
* Titles feature Pastor LaRue Adkinson

(2) GFA1 - God's Foundation For Abundance

1  The Third Wave MP3
2  God's Foundation For Wealth MP3
3  The Believer's Access To God's Wealth MP3
4  Grace Bestowed Upon The Macedonians MP3
5  The Widow's Mite MP3
6  Pulling Down Strongholds MP3 CD-size
7  Repentance From Dead Works MP3

(3) GSK1 - God's Steward Of Kingdom Finances

1  Reviews And Previews MP3 CD-size
2  Increasing Your Faith For Finances MP3 CD-size
3  From Sharecropper To Sonship MP3
4  Sowing And Reaping MP3
5  "My Grace Is Sufficient For You" MP3
6  The Lord Is With You MP3 CD-size
7  The Truth Shall Make You Free MP3 CD-size
8  Lead Me Lord, I Will Follow MP3
9  Dead To The Power In Wealth MP3
10  "My Blood In The New Testament" MP3

(4) PND1- Stewarding The Pound

1  From Servants To Heirs MP3
2  Sacred Cow Bar-BQ MP3 CD-size
3  Provision vs Stewardship MP3 CD-size
4  Stewarding The Pound MP3 CD-size
5  Promotion In Stewardship MP3 CD-size
6  Serving In Newness Of Spirit MP3

(5) PTK1- Prospering the Kingdom Volume 1

1  Introduction To True Prosperity MP3
2  Distinguishing Provision From Stewardship MP3 CD-size
3  How Promotion Comes In Finances MP3
4  What Is The "Unprofitable Servant" MP3
5  Prospering The Kingdom MP3 CD-size
6  The Change Of Covenant MP3
7  Prospering The Kingdom II MP3 CD-size
8  Prospering The Kingdom III MP3
9  Security In Sonship MP3
10  The Freedom Of Bondslaves MP3 CD-size

(6) PTK2 - Prospering The Kingdom Volume 2

1  Two Foolish Wives MP3
2  Using Faith For God's Harvest MP3 CD-size
3  Killing Sacred Prosperity Cows MP3
4  Prosperity: By Hearing & Obeying MP3
5  Steps To Gospel Entrepreneurship MP3
6  "Gather With Me" MP3
7  The Importance Of Stewardship MP3
8  What Made The Shadow? MP3
9  New Testament Giving MP3 CD-size
10  New Testament Giving II MP3 CD-size

(7) WGE1- What Is A Gospel Entrepreneur?

1  We Are The Lord's Stewards MP3 CD-size
2  What Is A Gospel Entrepreneur? MP3 CD-size
3  How Wealth Is Transferred MP3 CD-size
4  Sowing & Reaping MP3
5  Marketplace Ministry MP3
6  The River Of God MP3
7  The Glory of Sonship MP3
8  Money Is The Universal Seed MP3

(8) LFM1- Lessons From The Manna

1  Introduction To Manna MP3 PDF
2  From Slavery To Abundance MP3 PDF
3  Free From Fear MP3 PDF
4  Don't Tempt God MP3 PDF
5  God Is With You MP3 PDF
6  Abundance Begins After Manna Ends MP3 PDF
7  No Manna In The Promised Land MP3 PDF
8  Abundance Without Greed MP3 PDF
9  Pulling Down Strongholds MP3 PDF
10  No Abundance Without War MP3 PDF
11  No Inheritance For The Old Man MP3 PDF
12  God Is Our Provider MP3 PDF


(9) KFC1 - Kingdom Finance Conference
                      (Houston 2006)

1  Your Heart Before Your City MP3
2  Finances For The King MP3
3  Humility vs Pride MP3
4  Lord Of Opportunity MP3
5  Kings & Stewards MP3