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  Walking   In   Maturity

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(1) HGV1- Hearing God's Voice

1  Introduction To Hearing God's Voice MP3
2  Hearing God's Voice MP3
3  Hearing God's Voice MP3 CD-size
4  Hearing God's Voice MP3

(2) RYI1 - Receiving Your Inheritance

1  De-Mystifying The Word MP3
2  Biscuits To Eyeballs MP3
3  Nail Your Ear To The Door Post MP3
4  De-Throning The Soul MP3 CD-size
5  Sent From Heaven MP3
6  Your Inheritance IS! MP3

(3) IEC1 - Identifying...Empowering Your Call

1  The Kingdom Is In Power MP3
2  You Are God's Heir MP3 CD-size
3  Maturing Spiritually MP3 CD-size
4  Pressing Beyond The Impasse MP3
5  Sent From Heaven MP3
6  Possessing His Life MP3

(4) WGW1 - What Does God Really Want?

1  Christianity Is A Family MP3
2  Christ the Graver MP3
3  My Father's Standard MP3
4  Parable of the Mustard Seed MP3 CD-size
5  The Three Measures of Meal MP3
6  From Formula to Family MP3
7  Seek First the Kingdom MP3 CD-size

(5) GIG1 - A God Idea Or A Good Idea?

1  God Ideas vs. Good Ideas MP3
2  Releasing The Holy Spirit MP3
3  The Power Of Asking MP3
4  Good Keys or God Keys MP3
5  We Are Not Orphans MP3

(6) IFH1 - Instructions From Heaven

1  Hearing Instructions From Heaven MP3 CD-size
2  Instructions That Release The Holy Spirit MP3 CD-size
3  Cumulative Obedience To The Holy Spirit MP3 CD-size
4  The Power of Asking MP3 CD-size
5  The Map Room MP3 CD-size

(7) LHS1 - Leadership Of The Holy Spirit

1  Hearing the Voice of the Lord MP3
2  Mysteries Revealed Spirit to Spirit MP3
3  Precise Leadership of the Holy Spirit MP3 CD-size
4  Serving Him For Love's Sake Alone MP3
5  The Fire of Revival MP3
6  Disarming the Accuser of the Brethren MP3

(8) TFJ1 - To Follow Jesus

1  Submitting To Our Husband MP3
2  The First Shall Be Last MP3
3  Hearing His Voice MP3
4  Obeying His Leading MP3
5  Exposing Counterfeit Keys MP3
6  Lasagna or Meatloaf? MP3
7  If You Love Me … MP3
8  *Ministries Raised Up and Brought Down
* Prophecy By Jim Martin

(9) CCT1 - Changing Chronic Things

1  God's Thoughts Toward You MP3
2  More Than Forgiveness MP3
3  Embracing the Change MP3
4  Change Involves Warfare MP3
5  Close Encounters of the God Kind MP3
6  Steps of Abraham's Faith MP3
7  David & Goliath MP3
8  Believe God Like Abraham Did MP3

(10) RYH1 - Resurrect Your Hope

1  Your Future Is In Your Mouth MP3
2  Paint Hope On The Canvas Of Your Heart MP3
3  Resurrect Your Hope MP3
4  Living By Every Word Of God MP3