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Dear Partner,

This month I am going to share a prophecy that the Lord spoke using my voice on May 17, 2006. I know that many people think the gift of prophecy has "passed away" and the Lord does not speak to His people through prophecy today. Yet there is no hint of that being the case in the New Testament. All through the book of Acts we see the Lord continuing to communicate with His people through dreams, visions, and by prophecy. Paul wrote to the fledgling church in Corinth concerning the three-fold purpose of prophecy:

1 Cor 14:3   But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort.

Genuine prophecy is when the Lord is speaking His mind to the sheep in order to:

1. Edify - Build up His people and make them strong.
2. Exhort - To encourage them. (En-courage means: "Courage within.)
3. Comfort - To restore a condition of ease and well being.

I believe you will find all of those elements present in the following prophecy.


Prophecy - May 17, 2006

The day is coming, coming soon, where My presence, just My presence, will be the catalyst upon which the miracles spring forth. And what is birthed in the Spirit cannot be quenched, for I have a plan, says the Lord, and you have been walking on that plan longer than you think; and a new door, a new door is upon you now. The door is not locked; the door is opened. Few have entered this room, primarily, for a lack of knowledge, primarily, for a lack of knowledge.

Oh yes, the treasures in this room, as you behold the treasures in this room, all that you have ever seen with the natural eye will seem as nothing, and nothing from that natural realm will ever satisfy again.

The foundation had to be wide, the foundation had to be deep and the foundation had to be strong. For at this door is where the hordes of hell gather; at all costs, none must enter here. But the foundation has been laid and I find courage here. I find courage in this place, says the Lord, and hunger that cannot be quenched, except with My best. Stay firm on the foundation and walk into this next room with Me. Your eyes will soon see that which you have desired. Be blessed; and you are greatly loved, says the Spirit of Grace. You are greatly loved, says the Spirit of Grace.

For My grace can be imparted and I have been imparting it. But still, even with My help, says the Lord, your will and your decisions are the determining factor in how far you will go. I have empowered you again and again, and I will do so again and again. But know, your decisions, your decisions determine how far you go. I will strengthen you. I have, I am and I will strengthen you to go as far as your will determines to go. You have yet to understand this Truth.

Is the Holy One limited? The Boundless One, does He have "bounds" placed upon Him? In this dispensation I need your faith. Faith comes from My Word, but effective faith comes from your will. I have all power, I have all ability, and nothing is impossible; but hear, carefully, the words of My Son: All things are possible because I can do all things. All things are possible to him that believes.

Am I limited? What do you believe? Spend time with My Spirit and He will bring you from where you are to where I am. You will see from My perspective, and that is the place called "Done."


That grace that you have felt in the prayer lines, you can tell; you can tell when an imparture has come from My Spirit to yours; you can tell. And many of you have asked, "Yes, but the next day, where is that same grace?" I am telling you now, mark this day: The grace you felt in the line, you are going to feel on the job; you are going to feel in the home. You will say of yourself, "From whence came this strength? Someone is here with me. Someone is helping me. Someone is helping me see from a different vantage than I have ever seen before." That is part of this next room that you are walking in; and I will still, even then, be depending upon your decisions. But, know, I am strengthening you beyond the prayer line here. I am strengthening you in your walk, and you will know the difference.

It will come in many ways and it will be different with each of you. For some, it will be "stop that;" for others it will be, "pray now;" at other times it will be, "feed your spirit with My Word;" for others it will be, "this is a time to be spent in My Presence; this is the time to worship now;" for others it will be, "take food to that address, now."

You asked. You asked; did you think I did not hear? Mark this day; mark it. You will look back and say, "Something changed."

You did not really leave My grace at the church, when you drove out of the parking lot, but it felt like you did. And by the next morning, it was almost like, "Well that was a good drink of water I had last night. I wish I had it now." Now the Fountain is going to be bubbling up within you all day. You will drink continuously from that Fountain, if you make the decision to do so, for I will cause an awareness of the bubbling. I will cause an awareness of the Fountain, and you will be able to drink. And I will also bring the Rivers of the Holy Spirit. Many of you now, you have been wading out farther and farther into the Stream of the Holy Spirit. As the prophet said, some have gone ankle deep; some have gone hip deep. But some of you, you are longing for the waters to swim in, where the River carries you; and you no longer go where you want, but the River carries you where I want.

I see waters for swimming now, says the Lord. Let your toes leave the bottom. It is your decision. Some of you, it is one more step, and you will no longer be in control, and you will say, "Your Life in me, that is all I want. Carry me where You will." One more step for many of you.


Be built up on your most holy faith. Find fresh courage within your heart. Bask in the comfort of His love and tender care for you. No matter what you may be facing today, with all of my heart I believe: "THE BEST IS YET TO COME!"

Sue and I love you and appreciate you. We thank God for your generous and giving heart. God bless you!

Your friend and co-laborer,

Gary Carpenter


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