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All of the series and weekly service teachings are available on our website. They are all "free like water."

We consistently started adding the video version of the teachings in 2011. You can access both the audio and video at our Media Page. This is where to listen, watch, or download our most current teachings and printed materials (teachings that have printed materials will have a PDF link next to the audio and video link). This is the best way to have instant access to the teachings for those of you who have good internet service.

Want to hear the teachings right now? Go to our Media page and start enjoying the messages today!

No reliable Internet Access - If you have no internet access, or poor internet service and are unable to listen to the teachings online or are unable to download them yourself, you may request a data DVD at no charge. The DVD has all of the series teachings in MP3 format only, along with some of our original printed materials. There are no “Weekly Service” teachings on the data DVD.
The DVD is for computer or mp3/CD player use only; it does not work on home style DVD players with a TV. It is only useful for you if you do not have access to the internet, or if your internet service is extremely slow.

Do you need a computer-DVD of our series teachings in audio format? If so, please fill out the form on our DVD Request Form page.