Prophecy For The End Times
by Gary Carpenter

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In December of 1996 the Lord gave me a special assignment while preparing for what I thought was going to be a "normal" Thursday night bible study. This particular day, as I spent many hours praying in the spirit, no revelation came as to what He wanted me to teach that evening. Finally, I heard Him say, "Don't teach tonight because I want to talk to My people myself." During the service that night the gift of tongues and interpretation was in operation and the Lord spoke to His people for nearly an hour and a half through my mouth. That had never happened to me before for that length of time. We learn from Paul in the book of 1st Corinthians that tongues and interpretation are equal to Prophecy:

1 Cor 14:5   I would that ye all spake with tongues, but rather that ye prophesied: for greater is he that prophesieth than he that speaketh with tongues, except he interpret, that the church may receive edifying.

The following day I transcribed the taped service and originally titled the message "Prophecy For 1997". I later changed the title to its present form which is "Prophecy For The End Times" because the Lord showed me the meaning of this line from the prophecy; "The first of this year [1997] shall mark a great transition, says the Lord." The New American Heritage Dictionary defines the word "transition" as being "the process of changing from one state to another." In other words, January 1, 1997, would mark the beginning of the process of changing from one state to another." The words in this prophecy will apply until the return of the Lord Jesus Christ and the end of this present age.

As it turned out, the attendance at the bible study the night this prophecy came forward was one of the least we ever had...fewer than ten people. My attitude was this; "Lord, I have obeyed you. If you want this message to go any further than these few people, You are going to have to do it." I made copies of the tapes for those few people and, as far as I was concerned, I was through with this assignment. The Lord, however, had other plans.

Unknown to me, some of the people who attended made some copies for their friends, who made copies for their friends, and so forth. I was contacted by the publishers of a Christian newspaper in Arkansas who asked if they could print it in their newspaper. They printed the prophecy and distributed it in over twenty states. I began getting calls from people who wanted copies of the actual tape, not only for themselves, but for their friends. I eventually lost count of how many copies of that prophecy tape we mailed out, but it was many.

In addition, someone (I still do not know who) placed the prophecy on the Internet and it began circulating world wide. I have received responses from Brazil, Russia, Canada, and many other locations. I have learned that when the Lord wants to speak to His people, all He needs from us is simple obedience...even if that means letting Him speak to fewer than ten people at a home bible study. He has the ability to multiply the "loaves and fishes" and get the message to His people world wide if He wants to. I encourage you to study carefully the "Prophecy For The End Times."

In His Service,

As Given By Gary Carpenter

The Lord said to me, 'Don't teach tonight because I want to talk to My people myself.' So, you notice that there are no hand-outs, and I don't have my bible with me. He told me to give this much of an introduction, and you are going to have to understand that I've never done anything quite like this before either.

The Lord has revealed himself to us in the bible so many ways, to help us understand who our God is, and to help us understand how the kingdom of God operates. We are dealing with an infinite God. He's trying to reveal himself to finite creatures. With us, for example, there is such a thing as time and with Him there is no such thing as that. He understands it. But, we live in time. He doesn't. It's always now to Him. Things like that. There's only one God. He has revealed himself to us in three ways, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, to help us finite creatures understand the mind and the heart of an infinite God. So when He has me teach, He normally has me teach things, principles to help you understand how the kingdom operates. For example, how many knows Jesus is called the Seed. The promise was made to Abraham and his Seed, which is Christ. We know that Jesus is called the Word, the Logos. But you see, really, we teach those principles on purpose, but Jesus is not really a seed. Do you understand? He is the anointed One, but He is not some kind of force. Jesus is Jesus. He is real. He has a personality, He is the God-man. He is the man-God. He is Lord of all. He was in the beginning with the Father, before anything was. He is God in the flesh. He is God among us. He is Emmanuel. We teachers teach the principles that God has put in the bible. For example, He's recently had me teaching about faith and about how the Word is the seed. And how the seed, when it's planted in the ground, will draw from the Source, which is the very faith of God himself. And that faith is the substance of the thing you've been believing for. I taught that principle. But see, Jesus is not really ground. Even though He calls himself the vine and we are the branches, He is not really a vine. He is teaching us how He operates. He is Him! He is Him! Understand?

Well, 'Him' wants to talk to you tonight, Himself. He said 'don't make any notes. Don't try to figure out ahead of time what I'm going to say.' I've never done anything quite like this. I don't know if I'll be praying in tongues and then interpreting, I'm not sure exactly how that's going to work. I thought I could stop and start the tape, but He said 'You leave it all on there just like it goes. And if people get offended, pray for them. Pray for them.' So, I've been listening to Him real strong, and I'm going to just let Him speak, the best I know how. The main thing tonight is to listen. Just listen.


The first of this year [1997] shall mark a great transition, says the Lord. Many things that My people have been praying and crying to Me about, regarding revival, shall come to pass. THERE IS A TIME OF PURGING COMING, AND IT IS EVEN AT THE DOOR, SAYS THE LORD. THERE WILL BE A GREAT PRUNING OF THE BRANCHES FROM THE VINE, FOR THIS IS NECESSARY. Many do not understand that when revival comes to the land, in one sense of the word, it is a judgment, says the Lord. A judgment. My people have been crying to Me, saying 'Lord make a difference between your people and the world. Make a difference Lord. Look, Lord, how the world prospers. Look Lord. Look, Lord, at how they succeed at what they do. Lord, make a difference between your people and the world.' And the Lord would say unto you, 'Have you not heard? Do you not know that judgment begins in the house of God? I am the righteous judge of the whole earth and I will do that which is right. Would you really have Me come this night and make a judgment on liars? Which camp would you fall in? Would you have Me come tonight in your midst and make a judgment against all thieves? Oh, says the Lord, understand, understand what My church has been asking Me for. As James said, IT IS TIME TO CLEANSE THE HANDS. PURIFY YOUR HEARTS, YE DOUBLE-MINDED. IT IS TIME TO RETURN TO YOUR FIRST LOVE.'

'Those friends in the world. Those friends of yours, will they be there for you in the day of adversity?' says the Lord. Will it be their name that brings down the enemy, trods him under your feet? Will it be their name, in their name that this is done? Or will it be the Lord your God, He who came because He loved you and gave everything for you that you might have all that Heaven has. Truly, I am coming and for that reason I wanted to speak through My servant tonight. Do not, do not, do not be caught up on the wrong side of this judgment, says the Lord. I speak this specifically to those who are here this evening because you are so very mine. You are so very mine and I so want to bless you and I so want to keep you from the judgment and I so want to bless you, and I so want to work through you, and I so want you to understand My heart for you, says the Lord.

Your enemy sees the angelic activity as preparations even now are being made for this coming year, says the Lord, and already, already, battlement, trenches and dispatches have been made amongst the enemy's camp as they start preparing for the onslaught from heaven. As they start preparing for the onslaught from heaven, for the enemy can see in the spirit realm better than you. He understands the movements of troops. He understands the placement of battlements that you cannot see. So the enemy even now has sent out forerunners to cause disruptions here and cause disruptions there amongst the lives of My people. So that already the enemy is trying to stir confusion and cause division, says the Lord, because he knows if he can divide the house, the house will fall.

LET ALL JUDGMENT OF YOUR BRETHREN CEASE TONIGHT. Even those that you would classify completely wrong according to their doctrine. Be careful what you speak of those who have My blood on the door posts of their heart. Those that divide, those that cause division among My brethren will not escape. They will not escape! Before you gather again in this place, by the time you gather again in this place, you will have celebrated the event of My birth in the earth. Understand you're not celebrating the date, you are celebrating the event. The world, the world cares not. The world cares not that the Savior was born. The world cares not that the Savior died. I care for the world, says the Lord. It is for them. It is for them that I came. If you will seek My face and spend time with My Spirit I will put My love for them in you. And it cannot be acquired any other way. THE LOVE OF GOD CANNOT BE OBTAINED BUT FROM GOD.

A people divided, a people divided in their walk, is what I see when I look at My church. They walk down the line with one foot in righteousness and one foot in the world trying, trying with all their might to satisfy both. And for seasons, that has been an acceptable walk. But when the times of purging come and when the times of revival come, and when the times of judgment come, oh, there will be no place for a walk such as this, says the Lord. There will be no place for such a walk as this. The lure of the flesh is too strong. Those that have one foot in the world will be drawn irresistibly against their will by a force that is stronger than they. Have I not said that the path is narrow? Narrow! And few there be that find it. Few there be. That path is a narrow highway. It is made, it is cobbled, it is paved with My Word. Those that walk on My Word and stray not to the left, nor stray to the right, are those who will arrive safely at the destination that they have been seeking. Those who care not for My Word and think they can divert and return at their will do not understand times and seasons. That time and that season is over.

A NEW LEVEL OF BATTLE IS SHORTLY, AND THE LORD EMPHASIZES, SHORTLY ON THE HORIZON. I speak to you as I spoke to the churches of old because I loved them. When I told them 'return to your first love', it was because I wanted to spare them. And I am speaking to you tonight because I want to spare you and I want you to inherit your full reward.

A hard word, a hard word some say. It is the best word you ever heard, says the Lord. You will look back, those who heed these instructions tonight, and you will glorify the day that you heard the voice of your Savior. You will say 'thank God you came and spoke to me before it was too late, I had no idea the level of warfare,' many will say.

Gifts, gifts that I placed within each of you while you were in your mother's womb, that have lain dormant these many years, it is time now. It is time now, now I say for those gifts to manifest. Seek and covet the best gifts. I have placed the seeds of those gifts in you from before your face saw the earth. But they are only activated by My Spirit, and they are only activated for those in My service. They are not activated to fulfill your will but they are activated as you seek to fulfill My will, says the Lord. My gifts are pure. I will not have them polluted. But My gifts are given for the express purpose for you to be My witnesses in the earth. And by that I mean, you tell them, listen now, listen, listen, YOU TELL THEM THAT I AM ALIVE. TELL THEM I WILL HEAL THEM AND I WILL DO IT NOW. I SAY WHAT I MEAN AND I MEAN WHAT I SAY. Many will cry to Me in that day and say 'Lord, Lord, have we not done this in your name and have we not done that in your name and have we not done many mighty works in thy name?' And I will say to them 'Depart from Me, ye that work iniquity. I never knew you. I never knew you.' TO KNOW ME IS TO HEAR MY VOICE AND DO WHAT I SAY. THAT IS THE ONLY PATH OF RIGHTEOUSNESS.

FOR THOSE THAT I WILL USE IN POWER THERE WILL BE A GREAT REDUCTION IN THE VOLUME OF YOUR WORDS. As you listen to the voice of My Spirit and learn that the power of My Spirit is released through your words.....You have not yet realized. Many, most have not yet realized why I call your words swords, and why I call your words two-edged swords that cut both ways. Many have not realized that the power of your words can be used by the enemy as well as by Me. That when the anointing is turned up, so that the power of your words goes forth in power and in demonstration, that the anointing is increased in both directions. And when you speak curses upon your brethren under the anointing...There have been those in the past, mighty men, those that you would revere, that I had to remove from the earth for they lost control of their words. The damage they were working in My kingdom could not be tolerated and I had to bring them home.

THERE WILL BE NO SUBSTITUTE FOR TIME WITH ME. Time with Me. Decide. Decide. All those things you do, that I did not call you to do, will you throw them in My face when you stand before Me? Will you stand before Me and say Lord, I loved You, but I served them. What will it accomplish you? What will it profit you to accomplish all those things, yet miss My plan? What will you say in that day? What will you say in that day?

I only speak like this to seeking hearts. I know you have been seeking Me. I do not speak like this to those who do not. But if you could see what I see on the horizon, if you could see the level of warfare that is rapidly approaching because I am answering your prayers, you would have no time. As the soldier has no time for frivolous things, for he knows, he knows that his enemy is out for his total destruction. He knows he must stay with his commander. He must stay with his troops. He must stay on the battle lines or else he will surely be destroyed.

I am about to do things in the earth that have not been seen for generations, for generations and generations. And I am about to do new things that have never been seen on the earth, says the Lord. The prophecies that you've heard for years and years about the latter rain and the glory of this latter house being greater than that of the former are surely true, says the Lord. If you could see what I have in mind to do through your hands, you would have little time for anything else. Those who still love their families more than Me, understand now, you will not be My disciples. I did not say you would not go to heaven, I said you would not be My disciples. Those who still love the world more than Me, you will not be My disciples. You will watch from afar and at that point would like to enter in. But the time has passed. These things are not accomplished in a day. Training takes some time, says the Lord. Transformation takes time, says the Lord. There will be those like the unwise, foolish virgins who when they saw the coming of the Lord, said Lord, give us oil, our lamps have gone out. And while they go and try and fill the lamps the work will be done. Oh, fill your lamps, says the Lord. Fill your lamps. Spend time with My Spirit. Let the anointing oil of My Spirit flow into your vessel, flow into your vessel, flow into your vessel, and where you walk and where you talk, the Spirit of the living God will perform all that I have spoken and all that I shall say unto thee.

There are some in this room and there are some that will hear My voice on this tape, for which I must sever certain ties. Soul ties with people. Soul ties of long standing. For they will be a weight and a snare and you will never fulfill your call. Never! Could you trust me to select your friends? Could you trust Me to select those for you? I AM GOING TO REORDER MANY OF YOUR RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHER PEOPLE. There are some acquaintances you presently fellowship with that I desire to separate you from. Notice, I DESIRE, and I will separate you from them. Do not do it on your own. And there are acquaintances, relationships, friendships that are essential. They are divinely destined. They are in the mind of God. They are in the plan of God for your life that I desire to establish for you. I WILL CUT AWAY THE OLD AND I WILL ESTABLISH THE NEW AS YOU SEEK ME.

THOSE THINGS THAT ARE NOT UNDERSTOOD CONCERNING THE OPERATION OF MY ANGELS SHALL SHORTLY BE REVEALED TO THOSE WHO WILL SEEK MY FACE, SAYS THE LORD. Those hidden things and operations of troop movements behind the veil of the flesh that the flesh cannot see into but My Spirit can. I will begin to reveal to you the inner workings of how the warfare is accomplished in the realm of the spirit, by the angels. For they are ministering spirits sent forth to minister for My heirs of salvation. They are mighty in strength. They do hearken to the voice of My Word. If you could see them, if you could see them your cry would be the same as the prophet of old. 'There be more with us than be with them. There be more with us than be with them.' Fear not, My children. I have not left you defenseless. I have amply and abundantly supplied for your victory. The weapons that I've placed in your hands by the Spirit, says the Lord, they are mighty through God to the pulling down of every stronghold. They will pull down strongholds that are still in your lives. The strongholds, those things you do not even understand now, these weapons will pull them down. But as they pull them down, every stronghold that falls, you take a step higher in the spirit. You take a step higher and know this, the higher you step, the clearer and farther you can see. You can see into the realm of the spirit and see those things, that Promised Land and your portion in it that I desire for you to possess. BUT UNDERSTAND THAT POSSESSING THAT PROMISE IS THE POSSESSING OF YOUR CALL.

THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR KNOWING ME, SAYS THE LORD. Principles are good, but I am not a principle. Examples are good, but I am not an example. I am the Lord thy God. I am your healer. I am your provider. I am your friend. No one has loved you such as I, says the Lord.

Who can fight a war when they cannot see their commander? Who can fight a war when they cannot hear the commands? My troops will see and My troops will hear. They will walk in unison. That which has been prophesied of old concerning the unity of the church, is rapidly, rapidly, rapidly upon you, says the Lord. It will not be as many suppose, in form and doctrine. But it will be unity of the heart which will flow into unity of the mind, as the mind is renewed by my Spirit, says the Lord. This army will walk as one man! It will walk as one! There will be no division and there will be no opportunity for penetration by the enemy. There is no place for walking by sight in this war. If you walk by sight, you will be led from the narrow path. For the circumstances will draw you here and the circumstances will draw you there. Those that will overcome shall walk by faith and not by sight, says the Lord.

I've heard the voice of many say 'these things are just too hard, these things, they're just too hard'. Not speaking merely of tonight, but of those things that have been spoken here previously. The Lord says, I have fed you with nothing but milk drawn from the breast of God. You have yet to taste meat, for you have not been able. You have yet to taste meat, but let Me tell you, meat is now on the table. I am instructing My servant, even at this point, to understand that many who have not taken the milk cannot take the meat.

MAMMON IS COMING DOWN. Mammon, who has ruled with an iron hand over My people. As with Pharaoh of old, I, by signs and wonders, speaking through the words of My prophets and speaking through the words of My servants, by signs and wonders unseen since those days, shall mammon fall. The silver is mine says the Lord. The gold is mine says the Lord. I will place it in the hands of those who are mine says the Lord. For those who are mine are crucified to the world. They live by Me and they live for Me, and it is those I can trust with the silver and the gold to use it for My Father's plan and not theirs. Man will be running to and fro. The natural man. 'What shall we do? What shall we do? Those things that have worked for us, they don't work anymore. What shall we do? What shall we do?' And as they run here and as they run there in confusion, as they lose the love of their life. Only when they lose the love of their life will they seek the love of yours. As they lose that which has been precious to them. Oh, there will be those who will simply go into despair. There will be gnashing of teeth. There will be weeping and wailing. But understand, listen even now, and understand that it is the weeping and the wailing of the flesh as it is STRIPPED of that which it loves.

But you see, that is all they love and they will follow where it goes. And they will come to you because you will have it. And then they will say, then they will say 'What we've loved is gone'. They will say, they will say 'Who took it? Who was that strong? Who was that? Who took it from us and gave it to you?' And you will say, 'He who owns it. He to whom it belongs. My God. And He wants to be your God. He is the Provider. Not those things you loved. He is the Provider.'

The presence that you feel now, some who are so unfamiliar would say, 'Well this is a sad place' they say. 'This is a sad place.' No, they have just seldom been in the presence of the king. I am your friend says the Lord. I am He who loves you. I am your provider and I am your life, but I am your king. I am your king. Oh, for those who would come and sit in the presence of their king that I may extend My scepter of righteousness towards you and make decree over you and speak the word of blessing upon your life, upon which no one can place a curse. In the presence of the king, you will learn there is great joy. But it is the presence of a king.

Did you know that in My presence there is joy? You say, 'This does not feel like joy.' Oh, next year, you will think this was joy says the Lord. For this is what will sustain you. I have told My servant to train you up to hear My voice. For only those that are led by the spirit of God become the full sons of God in their walk of authority in My kingdom. I will show him more on how to do that for you, and how to train you. Just know this. You cannot, cannot, cannot sit in My presence with pride. Cannot. Think you, that you can make it without Me? Think you? Think you that the enemy, that your enemy will back off? Think you, that you will overcome without My presence? Without My counsel? Without My anointing? Where can you get it but from Me says the Lord? Where will you go? What fountain will you drink from? Where can you purchase this? It cannot be bought with money, but I give it free to those who come to this place. I give it free. It is yours if you will spend time here, says the Lord, in My presence.

When My servant Paul breathed his last breath as the knife descended upon him, joy unspeakable and full of glory. It was joy unspeakable and full of glory for he was already in My presence before the knife fell. It is My joy that sustains you, says the Lord. My joy is your strength. My joy comes as you understand My will for you. My personal will for you. My understanding, My Father's plan for Me, was the joy that sustained Me through the cross. It was the joy that sustained Me, says the Lord.

Do you know I have an anointing for the ears? Are you aware that I have an anointing for your ears? I am anointing the ears of those who will seek Me that they may hear instructions so precise, so precise that there is no possibility of mistake. I am not speaking of tonight, I am speaking as this year turns.

Have your earthly masters given you explicit instructions? Will not I, the Lord, do the same? But it is only through the Spirit, says the Lord. The day of running here and running there, asking 'what is the word of the Lord', no that was for the days of old, says the Lord, before My people had My Spirit. But have I not said that they shall all know Me from the least to the greatest? Have I not said you have an unction from the holy One and you have no need that any man teach you? Does that do away with the teacher's office? I trow not, says the Lord. But you cannot go to the teacher to find My instructions for you. You cannot go to the prophet to find My instructions for you. For then, you would not be led by My Spirit that I've already placed within you, says the Lord. If you get off track, way off track, dangerously, then I may send you a prophet. I'll send you a prophet because I love you and I have schooled them to hear My voice and obey My voice. And they care not for your flesh. They care not for your flesh. For they have learned.

The school of the prophet is a crucible of fire. Few there be that stay long enough for the gift to come forward. But the schooling itself, the crucible of fire, the training process itself is such that it purges them of need of your approval. They may speak forth purely and clearly the mind of the Lord, for your life is often at stake.

I hear, I hear, I hear the voice of some. I hear a voice saying it's too late. It's too late for me. I have not done this, I have not done that and now the time is upon me. Why, says the Lord, if that is so, would I talk to you tonight? It is not too late. I am able to do a quick work. I am able to do a quick work in those who honestly seek Me. I took Joseph from the dungeons, to second only to pharaoh, in a single day. I delivered the slaves that had served Egypt for 430 years. I delivered them in a space of days, says the Lord. No, I will truck no excuses. I will truck no excuses. Had I not desired you be here tonight to hear these words, rest assured you would not be here. I have brought none for whom it too late. I have brought none for whom it is hopeless. And if you hear these words, My plan can still be accomplished in your life.

The most important word that I say to you tonight, says the Lord, 'return unto Me with your love'. I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR YOUR WORDS OF LOVE AS YOU GIVE YOUR LIFE SOMEWHERE ELSE. I WANT YOUR LIFE, NOT YOUR WORDS. GIVE ME YOUR LOVE. RETURN TO THAT FIRST LOVE AND SPEND TIME WITH ME, SAYS THE LORD. I'm saying this to spare you from the wrong side of the judgments that are coming. Be ye not partakers with them.

Give Me time, give Me time, give Me time says the Lord. Love not your house more than Me. Love not your family more than Me. Love not the world more than Me. Love not diversions more than Me. Those who do such things cannot be My disciples. Again, I did not say they would not go to heaven, but they will not be trained, they will not be disciplined and they will suffer much during those times to come shortly, shortly upon the earth.

Now, what did I say when these things start to appear? Rejoice and look up for your Redeemer draweth nigh! Oh, wondrous things you are going to see. Wondrous things, your eyes, even those who will not hearken to the voice of the Spirit tonight, even those who do not, your eyes are still going to see what I do through those who will. And even that will bring, there'll be a sadness in you to some extent, because you'll say 'that could have been me, he could have used me like that'. But even with that, there'll be such gladness at seeing the Lord work among his people. As you see the signs, the things of old that this generation has not seen, and as you see Me do new things on the earth that man has never seen, you will enjoy it. You will enjoy it, says the Lord. But you will enjoy it more if you are a part of it.

I'm going to do a new work in My servant. Watch your mouth, says the Lord. Change in ministry, change in anointing and change in understanding are coming. Long not for the former things and say they were better. Speak not against My plan. And hinder not the work of the Holy Spirit. Watch your mouth says the Lord. Wait until you taste the new wine before you say the old is better. The new wine, it is better says the Lord.

Understand this one thing says the Lord. I am not displeased with any person in this room. That is not the purpose, that is not why I wanted to speak to you tonight. I am not displeased with you. I am wanting to spare you. I am wanting to spare you much pain, much trouble and much loss. These times do not come upon My people like a thief in the night. For I will not do anything in the earth without revealing it first to My prophets. And I am speaking to you tonight because I love you, because I know your heart and I want to move you into position ahead of time so that the battlements and the trenches can be prepared and you are full, fully armed for the onslaught that is coming. So understand, it is not a chastisement time as much as it is a preparation time. Preparation time. I have come to speak to you. There is time to prepare, just hearken to the voice of the Spirit tonight. GIVE ME TIME. SET ASIDE THOSE THINGS THAT HAVE STOLEN IT AND GIVE ME TIME, SAYS THE LORD.

Those that hear this voice by tape, some will hear these words and they will be unsavorable...unsavory, not to be desired. But others will hear these words and they will penetrate the heart and you will know that I am calling you, says the Lord, for your time. Those of you that know the Spirit, when you hear these words, you will know. Hearken to these words for there is time, but short time. Hearken diligently now to My voice says the Lord.


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