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Welcome to our Written Teachings ~

This section contains instructional teachings, inspiring examples and the answers to some of the questions that face believers concerning their finances. Simply click on the Teaching title that interests you below. ~

We have purposely made these teachings very 'printer friendly' in case you would like to have a hard copy for yourself, or to give to friends or relatives who do not have access to the internet. It is not necessary to request permission to print these lessons in their entirety. Nor to use them in bible studies.

Now, on to the teachings . . .


From Formula to Relationship

  It is not necessary to read these in order, but it is helpful!

    1. Intro: From Formula to Relationship
    2. Isaac Sowed in Famine
    3. The Tithe and the Field
    4. How God prospers Believers
    5. The Serving Son
    6. The Serving Son's Enemy
    7. The Serving Son's Helper
    8. Solving Financial Problems
    9. Sharecropper vs. Sonship Faith

Kingdom Steward Teachings

       Individually wrapped teachings, just for you . . .

Sonship & Inheritance

       Our newest teachings are currently being added . . .


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