F980904-Handling The Carnal Things
by Gary Carpenter

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Has not the Lamb spoken to you Himself saying, "Handle the carnal things quickly for these are not the things involved in your transformation." You have been given intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, talents and abilities to handle the carnal things. It is not necessary that you wait to hear the voice of the Spirit regarding such things as when to change the oil in your vehicles, when to bathe, when to wash your clothes. He has given you intelligence and knowledge for matters such as these.

It is true that as your mind becomes more in tune with the mind of the Spirit Who created all material things by the power resident within Myself, that your intelligence will increase as well as your spiritual understanding. Were you to take what the world calls an IQ test today and then take one a year from now, you would find that your intelligence has increased even as your spiritual understanding has increased, says the Lord.

The Spirit who made all material things understands and comprehends the nature of all material things. As you understand My mind, you will more and more understand how to handle the carnal things. This does not contradict My counsel to you when I said that you would learn to seek My counsel even in the most minute detail, for is that not what you are doing now? I am giving you My counsel regarding the carnal things.

I do have much wisdom and specific instructions to give you regarding administration and many other such matters, but these will come line upon line and precept upon precept as they are needed and as your mind is developed to think according to the Spirit and not after man's ways, says the Spirit of Grace. In addition, your heart must become more fully developed to trust the Spirit of the Living God in order to obey without question instruction that would seem bizarre to man's wisdom.

The Son wants you to know that the time you spent today in fellowship with Me and to make yourself more aware of My presence in a more complete way is the most life changing time you have sown to the Spirit this year. Although it is not apparent to your mind at this point, it will be apparent to your eyes in the very near future as you see the ministry He has called you to change from being the works of man to being the works of God, which can only be accomplished by the Spirit of God. Well done, son! Well done! The Son wants you to know He is pleased.


Notes To "Mark The Trail"

Dear Reader,

Since the Spirit said that what I did today was well pleasing to the Son, I want to pass on to you exactly what I did that was different from the past. I took a segment of time and did nothing else during that time but communicate with the Spirit in English, saying things that agree with what He taught me concerning the mindset of Jesus in F980902.doc The Works Of The Father. I still did all of the normal things during my prayer time including worship, praying in the spirit, confession, and simply "listening" at the ear of my spirit for His voice. But all these I have done in the past. Therefore He must be referring to the segment of time where I spoke according to the mindset of Jesus.

I wrote no formal confession or anything. I simply read F980902.doc over and over until I was able to speak according the mindset revealed in it. I also incorporated many things from the previous lessons, such as what He taught me concerning the Gifts of the Spirit. To be very specific, during that time (about an hour) I said such things as:

"Holy Spirit, I know that you are with me. You and I have both been sent in the name of Jesus to restore the Father's will in the earth. We are co laborers together in this matter. There is no division between us. I am the vessel of authority whom Jesus has sent. You are the agent of power to manifest the Father's will in the name of Jesus Christ."

"Christ has imparted His life unto my spirit when I was born again. You are with me to anoint that life with the dominion of the Father. Without Christ I can do nothing. Without you, I will never have His mind. But I have His life within me. You anoint that life with dominion. You and I are co laboring together to restore the Father's will in the earth."

"Jesus has sent me into the Father's garden to be a vessel through whom the Father can work to restore the garden to His original intent and purpose. The Father works by the power of His own Spirit. I know that you are with me to manifest the Father's will. An enemy has done great harm to the Father's garden. I have been authorized by Jesus to drive out the enemy wherever I find him. When I find the enemy, I cast him out with my words, and you drive him out with your power. I see how we are co laboring together now. There is no possibility that you will not move to perform the Father's will."

"You keep me in constant communication with the mind of Christ Jesus, my Lord. You bring me the knowledge of His will in every circumstance. I revel in the light of your counsel. I am not walking in the dark. There is no occasion of stumbling as I follow your leadership. I trust you completely. With great confidence, I obey without question every instruction you bring me from the mind of Christ. I have no need to fear, for you are with me."

"You have come bearing many gifts to manifest to me whenever I need them. Since you are with me continually, I am always expecting you to manifest the Word of Wisdom and the Word of Knowledge to me. By you I have access to supernatural wisdom regarding the future and supernatural knowledge regarding the present from the Lamb's perspective on the throne. I am constantly in a state of 'expecting' these gifts. You bring me supernatural faith from Christ Himself! There is no such thing as lack of faith with me. Even if I were to come to the end of my faith, you bring me His faith! I have sufficient faith for any circumstance. Nothing is impossible for me because you are ever with me."

"I and my Father are one because the life of Christ is in me. My Father manifests healing through the gifts of healings that you have brought. The same virtue that flowed from Jesus into the woman with the issue of blood flows from His life within me when I minister by the gifts of healings. You show me what to do, what to say, and I obey you without question. This produces the works of the Father every time, without fail. All receive from Christ what they came for as you manifest your power to restore all things to the Father's will as I co labor with you in His garden."

"I consider my God large. Nothing is impossible to my Father. The working of miracles is no more difficult for Him than it is for me to draw my next breath. The Father performs creative miracles through the life of Christ in me by your power that is resident within yourself. I have faith for the working of miracles because you have shown me they are free gifts. They are the will of my Father. I obey without question the leadership you provide by vision, by revelation, and by voice. Creative miracles occur every time without fail. I expect them to flow through me all the time because you are with me. You and I co labor together in the name of Jesus in order that the Father may work creative miracles through the life of Christ within me."

"I expect to operate in the gift of prophecy at all times. You not only bring to my remembrance all the things which Christ has already taught me, you bring me his 'present hour speaking' which I deliver to assemblies, congregations and individuals at your direction."

"You open my eyes to see into the realm of the Spirit. I can see angels, demons, troop movements and embattlements. You show me these things ahead of time before the enemy's forces can even be assembled against me. I always know what to do ahead of time. You also show me the motivations of men's hearts that I be not deceived by them. This is given that I may help them, not harm them. I keep secret what you show me unless you specifically tell me to speak."

"You manifest all four diversities of tongues in my life as free gifts. I expect the gift of tongues for edification, tongues to be interpreted, deep intercessional groanings and tongues as a sign to the unbeliever. All of these are available to me. I want you to know that I am expecting the manifestation of all four because I know you are with me. Although you said it would be seldom, I want you to know that I am available to deliver the interpretation of a tongue any time you want me to do so. I am expecting your nudge, your gentle leading to interpret a tongue. I am aware that you are with me."

No doubt I also spoke other similar things that He has taught me during this season of "face to face" fellowship, but I trust this is sufficient to give you an idea of what I did today. The Spirit said the Son was well pleased. I intend to do this much. I encourage you to do the same.

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