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Email Fraud



It's sad but true that in this world we live in precautions and warnings are the norm. This caution note is for those who set up accounts and/or send money on the Internet. The Internet is a wonderful tool, just as the telephone is, do not be afraid to use it, but be aware of the following for your own protection . . .


One of the biggest crimes now going around on the Internet is from criminals who send emails posing as a legitimate Website you have an account with or have sent money to. These deceptive emails look and sound very real. They offer a warning that your account has been breached, your personal information stolen or that a hacker has violated the Website's data.

Whatever the 'angle' they take they all ask you to do the same thing -
AND if you do You are about to give your username, password or financial information away! These fraudulent emails ask you to click on a link in the email to 'fix' the situation, in various ways.

Simply never Never click on a link in an email to conduct any business - if you want to get to a Website or a Website account of yours - just type in the Website address by hand into your browsers address text field box. Most browsers remember recently typed URLs (Web Addresses) and will insert or complete the address you are trying to reach for you. So if an address is very complicated use this completion feature or set a bookmark to the Website.

Be aware - that these criminals are very good at spoofing a Website -
(making a copy that looks real, fooling you into thinking you are at the real Website)
The only way you know you are at the real Website IS IF YOU GET TO THE WEBSITE BY TYPING IN THE URL (address) yourself, or using one of your own bookmarks (Favorites) to get there.

The only way this fraud will work is if the criminals can spoof you into thinking their email is from the 'real' source, and get you to click on a link in that email.

We at GCM have not had a report of this happening to anyone accessing or using the features at our Website, however we don't want to wait to post some simple instructions for avoiding such a deception.

Are You a Victim?
If you believe you have ever fallen for this deception contact the Website or Company which is involved either directly from their Website or by phone and tell them you believe your information has been compromised via email. Work with them to change your username and password, and then contact by phone the bank or credit card that you used in connection with this account or money transfer. They will want to cancel and reissue you new account numbers.

Most fraud you volunteer for. The criminals do not steal anything, they get you to give it to them. What I have said here also applies to phone calls that claim to be from a company you do business with and ask you anything about your account .... Hang Up On Them! You can always call the true company back :-)

May God keep and bless you,

Jami Ellis