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(1) FPY1 - The Father's Plan For You
Mirror Confessions-     MS-Word
John 14:17-           MS-Word

1  Working The Father's Plan MP3 CD-size
2  The Mantle Of Christ MP3 CD-size
3  I Am From Above MP3 CD-size
4  Jesus Said, "Drink Of Me" MP3 CD-size

(2) RNB1 - The Reality Of The New Birth

1  Pure In Heart MP3 CD-size
2  A New Spirit MP3
3  Christ In Your Vessel MP3
4  Witnessing Like Jesus MP3

(3) SBT1 - Spirit Born, Spirit Trained

1  No Time … No Revival MP3
2  You Must Be Born Again MP3
3  Programs Kill Revival MP3
4  Agents Of Authority MP3

(4) TGM1 - The Golden Man

1  The Golden Man I MP3
2  The Golden Man II MP3
3  The Golden Man III MP3
4  The Golden Man IV MP3
5  The Golden Man V MP3
6  The Golden Man VI MP3

(5) SSS1 - The Serving Son

1  The Serving Son MP3
2  The Serving Son's Enemy MP3
3  The Serving Son's Helper MP3
4  The Serving Son's Victory MP3
5  The Serving Son's Lord MP3
6  The Serving Son's Anointing MP3

(6) SFH1 - Sent From Heaven

1  Sent From Heaven I MP3
2  Sent From Heaven II MP3
3  Sent From Heaven III MP3
4  Sent From Heaven IV MP3

(7) TCF1 - Truth Changes Fact

1    The Unjust Judge MP3
2    Truth Changes Fact MP3 Movie

(8) TCS1-The Conquering Spirit

1  Be Ye Transformed MP3 PDF
2  The Conquering Spirit MP3 PDF
3  Receive Strength Yourself MP3 PDF
4  Overcoming Satan's Counterattacks MP3 PDF