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Basic Information

File Formats:

(1) MP3 - If you want to download your own copy of a teaching to play, or make copies of or burn to a CD, just click on the word MP3 next to the title. In most cases a window will open up giving you the option to Save. PLEASE DO NOT PLAY OUR MP3's, they are for download purposes only. We offer streaming for instant play. If a window giving you the option to SAVE does not pop up then Right-Mouse click the mp3 and select SAVE FILE AS, SAVE LINK AS, etc... depending on what software client you are using. If you are unsure look up how to download files in your software's help files.

(2) CD size - These are longer teachings, which have been split files which have been zipped. we have taken teachings over 80 min. long and split them into a Part 1 & Part 2 so that each part can be burned to CDs to share with friends and relatives. Both parts have been zipped up into one executable file so simply click on CD size to start the down load of the split file. Once downloaded just double click the file to automatically start the unzipping feature.

(3) PDF - Some teachings have written materials that go along with them.

(4) VID or MOVIE - Teachings which have Youtube videos that go along with them. A 'Movie' is much like a presentation with the scripture and words written out to follow along with the teachings. While 'VID' is just a video of the teacher giving the message.

Problems and Troubleshooting

We work hard to make sure everyone can enjoy the audio teachings, but unforeseen problems can arise from time to time that prevent some from enjoying this medium such as:

  1. New Issues! - Wouldn't you know it, as time goes by new problems pop up... Here are some biggies:

    Hand-Held Devices - Such as iPad and other Pads, iPhone, Droid, Nook and so on..... They come with 'special' versions of browsers installed which are nothing like the versions on our PC's. These smaller versions of our browsers will sometimes have trouble downloading MP3's.

    The best solution is to Do a Web Search on - your "device's name" and "browser name" and "mp3" for example. Usually the solutions will be to install a special plug-in for your browser, or downloading some additional software just for playing or saving/downloading the mp3 files.

    We are sorry but we cannot offer troubleshooting for each person's hardware, software (and/or updates) so that they are compatible with our media files. We strive to use the most common file types in order to be accessible for the majority of hardware and software out there. However if you have a question while working to resolve an issue with our media files contact our Webmaster who may be able to assist you.

    QuickTime & Other Media players - If when installing any of the newer media players you selected for it to play mp3's then it just might jump in when you are trying to download and take over forcing the mp3 to play! You can (1) go into your media player and tell it not to automatically play. Or (2) Fall back on the old reliable Right-Mouse click, RM click the mp3 of choice and select Save Link As, this will bypass playing and only save the file.

  2. Start - by reloading the media file page. Many times we have to make changes to our pages to offer better performance, and if your browser is still loading the old page 'caching' (as most do) you will get an error. If reloading the page in your browser doesn't work you should clear your browsers cache file. For easy instructions for your browser go to the HELP menu and look up CACHE. You will usually find your cache under TOOLS - OPTIONS - and PRIVACY, but your browser's help files will tell you exactly how to access your cache. After clearing the cache reload the page again.

  3. MP3's - If you have trouble steaming our teachings simply download the MP3 instead. Downloading is less taxing on computer systems than streaming is, so if you have a bad internet connection this is a good way to get around it. In addition you can download software to help with downloading files, this software/plug-in automatically resumes the download should the connection be broken or slow to a crawl.

  4. Network Congestion - due to high volume of network traffic connections downloads and streams can be interrupted and dropped. If this happens to you start over. If you still get dropped wait a while before trying again.

  5. Other Issues - Such as your Internet Service Provider connection, hardware/software problems on your end, or older hardware/software not compatible with todays technology.

  6. Personal Firewalls - These can cause problems viewing Windows Media Player streams, but can usually be easily corrected by following directions from the manufacturer of your Firewall software. Go to the website of your Firewall software manufacturer and search out their recommendations for Windows Media Player streams.

  7. Player Codecs - These must match the codecs that are used to encode the audio files. Normally Windows Media Player codec updates happen automatically. Occasionally, for a number of reasons, this automatic update does not happen. You can download and install the latest codecs from Microsoft by going here.

The MP3's

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Mega Mp3 Splitter     


MP3 files are provided so that you may download a teaching and listen to it on your computer without being connected to the internet. You can also save MP3 files to a CD, called burning, for playing on a portable MP3 player. We have split up long teachings into a Part 1 & Part 2 so that each part will fit on one CD, just click on CD-size to download our split files.
Please be aware that our MP3 files are of the same quality as our streaming files, that is to say mono cassette tape quality.

If you want a cassette tape of the teaching then we recommend you place a tape recorder up to your computers speakers and record as the file plays, this way you will have a copy for listening to later separate from your computer system and the Internet.

Streaming Audio Files

Streaming media files play as they download, with a short initial buffering at the beginning before playing begins. The disadvantages are 1. It doesn't save the file to your computer, so you cannot listen when not connected to the Internet, and 2. You cannot conveniently make copies to cassette tape or burn onto CD.

To begin listing to our streaming audio files simply click the Teaching Title.


How to burn MP3s to CD

If you have a CD writer on your computer, you can easily make CD copies of our media teachings at home. You can then listen to the messages on any CD player including your car.

For your Operating Systems (OS) Simply do a search (Google?) on your OS and burning a CD. For example: Windows 7 how to burn a CD


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use WebTV?
    Yes, any stream with Windows Media is supported by WebTV.


We sincerely hope this information has been helpful to you and that you are able to enjoy our audio media files. If you should still encounter problems accessing our media files, but can listen to other media files offered on the Internet Please contact our .