by Gary Carpenter

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As I continue to meditate the vision that the Lord gave me concerning the Serving Son's mission to seek and to save the Prodigal, many practical aspects of the Father sending the Holy Spirit are becoming more and more clear to me. I have heard many messages concerning the Holy Spirit being the "Paraclete," that is, "One called alongside to help." Now I see how true that statement really is.

For one thing, the Serving Son's enemy is a spirit. He is invisible, but the effects of his attacks are made manifest in the material realm. The Helper that the Father sent is also invisible, but the effects of His help are made manifest in the material realm.

The enemy's hordes [demons] are invisible, but effective in the material realm. The Helper's armies [angels] are also invisible, but effective in producing results in the material realm. From the scriptures I know that "they that be with us are more than they that be with them." (2 King 6:16)

From the vision I can see that the Helper was sent for one purpose and one purpose only ... to HELP the Serving Son in every possible way in completing his mission successfully. There was nothing about the Helper's assignment that was intended to harm, impede, or slow down the Serving Son's progress. Quite the contrary. Specifically, from the vision:


The enemy posted wrong road signs [circumstances] to confuse the Serving Son and lead him in the wrong direction. The Helper provided leadership independent of circumstances to keep the Serving Son on course.


The enemy had sent his hordes to intercept the provisions which the Father had sent. The hordes had prevented the actual delivery of the supplies to the Serving Son. The Helper released hosts of angels to drive away the demons and escort the wagons of supplies to the Serving Son.


The enemy kept sending false messengers who claimed they were bringing information from the Father. The Helper caused the Serving Son to discern that these messengers were wolves in sheep's clothing. The Serving Son learned to get his information directly from the Helper, for He only spoke truth. The Helper only spoke what He had heard in the presence of the Father. The Helper became the Serving Son's Counselor.


The enemy kept sending wave after wave of attacks against the Serving Son in all manner of ways: Sickness, equipment shortages, the camels went lame [car trouble], floods, tornado's, and many such things. Before the arrival of the Helper, the Serving Son was powerless to stop these attacks. But the Father had said, "I will send my Holy Spirit to be with the Serving Son forever. Everything that the Serving Son speaks, my Holy Spirit will perform. Anything that is needed in the way of power and anointings will be available to my Serving Son at all times. My Son shall never lack ANY good thing!"

The Serving Son soon learned that whatever he spoke, the Helper performed for him. He then guarded his words very carefully. He learned to never speak anything except the desired end result. What he desired, he spoke, and the Helper manifested his words.

The Serving Son discovered that there was no limit to the power and anointing available from the Helper. All of the attacks were stopped by releasing the power of the Helper through the spoken word. Absolutely nothing was impossible for the Helper as long as the Serving Son believed that what he spoke would come to pass. (Mark 11:23 24)


The Father said, "All of the anointings to destroy sickness and poverty will be available through my Holy Spirit. No longer will the enemy be able to intercept my provisions. No longer will the enemy be able to place disease upon my Serving Son."

"All that I have is available to my Serving Son. My Holy Spirit will make manifest to him whatever he needs to complete his course with joy. He will be successful."

Victory for the Serving Son over all the tactics of the enemy came as he learned to always employ the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit rather than attempting to rely on his own strength. He learned to always ask himself this question in every situation: "How do I draw on the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit to be successful in my mission?" When he did not know what to say or do, he learned to turn to the Helper as his Counselor. The Counselor never failed him.

The Serving Son came to know this truth:


Much of the difficulty we have in trying to live victorious over the evil one in this life is that we do not understand what is commonly referred to as "the anointing." We have thought that the help sent to us by the Father was some "thing" instead of some "one." Look again at the words of our Lord as He describes what sort of help we could expect to receive after His ascension:

John 14:16-17  And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.

Jesus did not say the Father would send us an "anointing." He said He would send us the "Comforter." He has not just send us "help." He has sent us the "Helper!" The Holy Spirit does not "have" the anointing. The Holy Spirit "IS" the anointing!

In Acts 10:38  Notice the scripture says that God "anointed" Jesus ... WITH THE HOLY GHOST! With the Holy Ghost comes "power." This is the same Holy Ghost, the same Comforter given unto us. No wonder Jesus said,

Acts 1:8a  But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you...

From these scriptures and the vision of the Serving Son, I have had to readjust my thinking concerning the anointing we have received:


I have always thought of the anointing as being a tangible "thing." I must now conclude the anointing is a "person." Specifically, the anointing IS the third member of the Godhead ... the Holy Spirit Himself! He does not "have" the anointing ... He IS the anointing! The anointing is not something! The anointing is SOMEONE!


Again, the anointing is not a "thing," but rather a living entity with a will, intelligence, emotions and all of the attributes we ascribe to "personality." The anointing is ALIVE! The Holy Spirit IS the anointing. The Holy Spirit IS the power of God. The Holy Spirit IS the finger of God. The Holy Spirit IS the hand of God.


I am still having trouble putting this into words that carry the same impact as the knowledge of it is having in my spirit. Being a living entity, the anointing HIMSELF can actually communicate with us those actions required to loose His power! The anointing is not a "thing" to be studied, but rather an entity with Whom to fellowship and cooperate with.

Said another way, there is no need for guesswork regarding the activation of the power of God. The anointing HIMSELF will personally communicate with us those things that will release His power in every given situation. This is leadership indeed! This is light indeed! This eliminates all causes of stumbling in the dark "wondering" what to do. The only things needful are to develop the ability to hear Him and the mortification required to obey Him.


The Holy Spirit does not assume the role of being Lord. Jesus Christ is Lord of all and remains the head of the Church. The Holy Spirit has come to bring us leadership directly from the mind of Christ Who sits at the right hand of the Father. I see that even though they are coequal in stature, the Holy Spirit has voluntarily subordinated Himself to the will of Jesus Christ. Of course we know that Christ has voluntarily subordinated Himself to the will of the Father.


With the power resident within Himself, the Holy Spirit's actions (what we normally refer to as the anointing) move at the subatomic level to regenerate material substance and reorder material situations to conform to the will of the Father as revealed from the mind of Christ, Who is Lord of all.


It is important to note that the Holy Spirit does this by FAITH! I take that to mean He does not move to regenerate simply because it is the will of the Father, neither because it is in the mind of Jesus Christ, but rather because it is acted upon by believers in FAITH! At my present level of understanding this would mean that some believer(s) would have to "believe with the heart, say with the mouth, and obey with their actions" the things revealed from the mind of Christ in order for the Holy Spirit's regenerative power to be activated.


The Holy Spirit said to me:  "You are learning and will learn more about making no decisions based on carnal information without seeking first My counsel in every matter, even in the smallest detail. Make no decisions based on carnal information, regardless of how serious those situations seem, and how immediate, and how pressing. Make no decision without hearing My counsel."

This tells me that we must press beyond the normal level of thinking that the anointing is only available on rare occasions, such as when we are in Church services. Since He IS the anointing and He is instructing me to make no decisions without first hearing His counsel, then I must conclude it is the Father's will that we "live" in the anointing all the time by living in constant fellowship and communion with the Holy Spirit.

We are not to expect the anointing to "come and go" as we see it occurring in the old testament. Since HE has come to abide with us forever, and He IS the anointing, then we must expect His anointing to abide with us forever ... all the time!

John 14:16-17  And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.

I must reject forever all teachings which say , "We are anointed to preach the gospel, not to live the gospel." Nothing was ever farther from the truth. We ARE anointed to LIVE the gospel even regarding the smallest details of life.


The Holy Spirit said to me:  "You shall follow My counsel and My leadership to the place where you see everything ahead of time. Nothing shall take you by surprise. In every circumstance, when you arrive, you have already had My counsel and My wisdom. You already know exactly what to do. These things belong to the sons who serve the Living God, IF they give the time to learn how to flow with Me, says the Spirit of Grace."

I have always thought His best would be to anoint my mind with knowledge and wisdom regarding "present, current problems." He will do that but now I see it is not His best. He intends for us to always be "ahead of the game." He does not intend for us to be continually beset on all sides with "present tense" problems for which we are seeking His wisdom. That would forever keep us in the position of playing "catch up." He intends to show us His wisdom before the situations ever arise. This alone would be enough to inspire anyone to stay in close, intimate fellowship with the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit said to me:  "Awareness of My presence is vital and key to releasing My power. Understand that I am with you whether you are aware of it or not. Lack of awareness brings lack of expectation. Lack of awareness brings lack of faith. Lack of awareness causes the leadership that comes by vision, and by the inward witness, and by words spoken in your spiritual ear to be dismissed. Do not dismiss these things for it is by these that I manifest the Gifts through you, says the Spirit of the Lord."

It is of the utmost importance to understand from the Serving Son vision that the Father did not send the Serving Son "an anointing." The Father sent His Serving Son a HELPER! Not an "it," but a "Who!"



King David danced with all his might before the Lord because he was so intensely "aware" that God Himself was watching him from within the ark. He didn't totally understand it all, but David knew that the very presence of God was in that ark. He knew that God was watching his actions. David did understand that Israel's victory was ultimately dependent on the accomplishment of "Jehovah in the ark" for them, and not on their own skills. That "awareness" influenced David's actions to the point that he was willing to be ridiculed in the sight of the people by unrestrained dancing before the Lord.

It is only as we become intensely "aware" that God the Holy Ghost dwells within our "ark" (our reborn human spirit) that our actions will become similarly influenced to do whatever we hear Him saying for us to do, even to the point of being ridiculed and mocked by our peers. It is being intensely "aware" that our HELPER is ever with us, is ever watching, is ever available, is ever speaking with us that our faith rises to fever pitch in order to "obey without question" whatever He says.

To remain unaware of His abiding presence is to remain dull of hearing, blind to leadership, disobedient to instruction, and full of our own ways instead of His! To know that the very anointing of God is ever present with us IN PERSON is to be constantly expecting the supernatural manifestations of His counsel and His power!

Who would fend for themselves when our Father has sent us such a HELPER as this?

2 Cor 13:14  The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen.

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